For today

I have posted a few shots of Great Falls, VA before. It is just one of the places that I keep going back too whenever I have the chance. There are just so many opportunities there I can’t even explain it. Whenever I’m there, I shoot multiple exposures of whatever it is I have in my frame. I either use them to adjust a single image or merge them for an HDR/LDR image after tone mapping. I like the way the rocks look after enhancing the details. Each one of these photos goes through a process that sometimes takes a couple of hours. At times I can even have several different versions of the same shot that I go back and make changes and decide what I like the best. Here is one of the many versions of this shot…

A setting sun and clouds…

It was halfway through the weeks vacation when we decided to head just down the road to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. We made our way to the park just around 5:15. I really wasn’t sure if the Lighthouse was still open and sure enough, it was getting ready to close at 6. They stopped selling tickets at 5:30 so we just missed out. I snapped a few pictures of the lighthouse, got the group photo of the family. My next stop was out on the beach to get some shots of the lighthouse with some nice sidelighting. I didn’t get very far before I noticed this shot lining up. The clouds were just right for a very dramatic photo.

Clouds and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

The Morning Light

I was on my way into work this morning – filling the driver spot at the Firehouse. On the way I swung by the local Grocery Store to pickup some breakfast. While I was on my way, I noticed that the air was at the point where the moisture just hangs over the cool areas. The fields have their own little fog banks sweeping across them. The sun was just below the horizon when I walked out of the store and looked up. I was in awe – the sun was bouncing off of the low clouds, lighting up the sky. I jumped in my car knowing the Naval Academy Dairy Farm was right down the road and most likely perfectly positioned for the sunrise. I managed to snap a bunch of different scenes off during a brief 15 minute stop. It was an amazing sunrise…

Hatteras Vacation

I have been very busy since my last post. Getting things done at work in preparation for our vacation left me with little time to do anything. The good news is that since last week, I have been on vacation with my family back in North Carolina. We have had a great time hanging out at the beach almost daily. We had one entire day of rain and with the exception of a few night time thunderstorms, the weather has been perfect the whole week.
Since I’m on vacation, I took every opportunity to do some photography. Most of the time I went it alone, eyeing the clouds in the sky as the sun was nearing the horizon. A couple times I had the family along and Jenn & I took in one brilliant sunset together. I am working on putting together an entire web page with shots from the vacation. Until then, click to see some of the shots… Hatteras Gallery