Parking Garage HDR

I’ve been crazy busy at work. Between that, working around the house, the kids and the firehouse, I don’t have much time left for any photo ops.While at work, I have been taking some shots of the garage now that we are just about completed with construction. As usual, I take shots with tone mapping in mind. For some reason, a garage really lends itself to some great gritty shots. Here is one of the recent ones from the depths of the parking garage…

Tiger portrait

If you can’t afford to go to the far reaches of the earth on a safari, the local zoo is your next best bet. While living in Scotland, I took this shot of a Bengal Tiger at the Edinburgh Zoo. The Tiger was staring down a person who was standing a few feet away from me. Just after I took the shot, the tiger lept across the water hole and pounced on the window. I don’t know if it was playing or hungry. Either way, it scared the kid half to death. Believe it or not, the glass was about 6″ thick and dirty. Thus the softened effect of the image.