Evening waves

A quick shot of the water washing up over the pillars of the Avon Pier. This shot had an exposure of about 1 minute to get the washed out look of the waves coming in. I used my Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter for the correct exposure.


OBX Trip – 09

While on vacation this year, I made some plans to visit some new-to-me Lighthouses and other locations that I had not visited on prior trips. One of the locations is the Bodie Island Lighthouse. This lighthouse is about 45 min north of where I stay while on vacation. Getting there for sunrise meant getting up VERY early. I made several trips to this lighthouse and have a wide range of images that I will post over the next few months.
This one I lined up dead center on the walkway using a Nikon 24mm PC lens. The rising sun was blocked by a band of clouds on the horizon but it did provide a nice warm glow as it came up.


Waterfalls at sunset

I have been to Great Falls a number of times and it seems that every time I go, the weather doesn’t cooperate very well. If I could get some clouds in the sky while the sun was setting, I’d be happy. In the meantime, I will have to work with what I have.
Recently we packed up the family and headed out there on a Saturday evening just before sunset. I shot for about an hour before we headed home. A shot looking up stream from the VA side of the river.


September eve at Golden Beach

With things being as busy as they have been, I haven’t had much time to devote to photography. So, whenever we are visiting with Family or I am on my way to work, I try and sneak in a few shots here and there.Recently we were visiting family in Southern Maryland. After dinner, I went down to the Patuxent River and took some photos as the sun set behind the trees. I took several long exposures using a 5 stop ND filter. For the sky exposure, I had to take some faster exposures. The were blended together in Photoshop.


Short summer

Since the FFI class finished up, I have been busy with a new addition to our family. Aidan joined us on June 5th and has been keeping us busy since. It is hard to believe the summer is gone and the temps are down in the 60’s again. I have been out shooting a few times, but not a great deal as everyone can understand.
I will post some highlights from the summer over the next few days. In the meantime, here is a recent shot of Aidan hanging with his Mom…