Some of the details surrounding you while you are out photographing can be the most interesting subjects. The sun was just clearing the trees and the wind was begining to pickup making it difficult to get the remanants of last years crop in focus. Taken with a Singh-Ray LB Color Combo Polarizing Filter.


In between the storms

This was shot across the street from a friends house just off the road. It was a little unnerving as they have a very large German Sheppard that was out and obviously unhappy that I stopped across from the house. Thankfully they have an invisible fence and the dog didn’t have the will to cross through to run me down.


The aftermath

Driving around in the mess that was left behind has been surreal. It was 5 days after the snow had stopped before we had our street properly plowed and then another few days before we had use of the whole street again. This is a common scene while driving through the neighborhoods.


Before the blizzard

We got pounded with snow here in Maryland over these past couple of weeks with a total of 40 inches in the course of two weeks. The landscape is littered with abandoned vehicles and fallen trees. This image was made the morning after we received 7″ (Feb 2nd). When I got up in the morning and saw all of the trees covered in this light fluffy snow, I knew I didn’t have much time before it would all melt away. As soon as the sun hit this or the wind picked up, it was gone. This is a pano shot of a barn that is nearby my house.


Snow and plenty of it

It has been snowing here in MD more than it ever has. I think if you totalled up the last 5 years of snow it wouldn’t come close to what we have already received this year. To make matters worse (or better depending on who you ask) we are supposed to get another 12″ or more this weekend. Blah blah blah. We will see what happens.In any case, what we had on Tuesday night turned out to be pretty great for photography ops. The snow stuck to the trees very nicely. I took a few shots around the neighborhood on my way to work. I had to work fast though. As soon as the sun came up, the snow started falling off the limbs quickly. I’ll post a few over the next few days…


After the big melt

All the snow we had a few weeks ago melted away pretty quickly (That is until this past weekend). The temp went up to almost 50 for a couple of days.I went around in the mucky field while the sun was coming up.

Shot with my Singh-Ray LB Polarizer