Sunrise, Great Falls National Park, VA

Sunrise on the Potomac River, Great Falls National Park, VA. We could have done with a few more clouds in the sky to give the sun something to reflect off of. It was still a great place to spend the first hours of light. Photo was taken with my Singh-Ray LB Color Combo filter along with 3 stop ND and 2 stop ND Grad filters.



I have been experimenting with long exposures lately. I have a couple Singh-Ray Neutral Density filters that make my exposures minutes long. The moving water turns into glass due to the long exposure. I am looking forward to trying this out at the ocean this summer when we go on vacation. Need some stronger waves to really get some good images.


On the dock

The sun was just coming up and the tide was high. It was a very quiet morning on the dock.Shot taken with my Singh-Ray Vari ND and More Slo ND filters for a 2 minute exposure.


Foggy Maryland Morning

Another shot captured on my way into work a couple months ago. Found this tree trunk in an open field where the fog was trying to lift. The air was very still and you could almost hear a pin drop.


While visiting family in southern Maryland, I spent a few mornings and evenings on the family dock taking various shots.This is one of the crab pots we use when a crab is shedding a shell…