Not a big one for Black and White photography myself but every now and then I will give it a try. Just a slightly different photo from an earlier post but without the warm tones.


At the beach

Early morning during August in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Being out on the beach when the sun crests over the horizon can be an amazing thing to watch. For this shot I was getting low in the surf as it was coming in. I used the pier to break up the sun since there was no haze or low clouds to diffuse it. The pier in Avon has its own character. It looks like it has been badly beaten with its support going in various directions. The deck has a number of deviations, both up and down or left and right. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere though. Photo was taken with a Singh-Ray LB Color Combo Polarizer.


Avon Pier

While on our annual vacation, I went down to the Avon Pier and got some shots of the waves coming in during the day. I used a Singh-Ray Mor-Slo 5 stop ND and a Vari-ND Duo Filter for the long exposure during the day.



While on vacation, there was one location that I really wanted to go for a sunset shoot. The weather didn’t cooperate most days and out of the week, we had one night that worked in our favor. The setting sun is almost perfectly aligned with the direction of this dock during the week I’m in the area. I was hoping for a clear horizon but it didn’t work out. Maybe next year….Image shot with a Singh-Ray LB Color Combo Polarizer.