Lightning Storm

Last week while I was at the Training Academy supporting the latest FFI class, we had a thunderstorm come rolling through which made us delay operations for a bit of time. The students went inside to practice with their breathing apparatus while I grabbed my gear. The heavy rains passed pretty quickly and I setup shop on the training academy grounds. I don’t have a lightning trigger so I was winging it, using long exposures with a small aperture hoping I would catch something. It seemed that every time my shutter would close from the 20 sec exposure, the sky would start flashing like crazy. Once the camera is processing the long exposure, the best you can do is wait as there is no way to stop it. I was lucky enough to get two exposures out of 25 that had something worth keeping. So goes it in my world…


Our little guy

I know it is probably just a typical parent thing. Everyone thinks their kid is the cutest thing around. Maybe I’m biased, maybe not. Such an intuitive little one. Always wants to push the buttons on the camera.