Thunderstorms and Lightning

A couple weeks ago we had some great thunderstorms roll through the area. The storms were fast moving towards the north and at about 10pm, I headed out as things were picking up. As I setup in the field, the bulk of the storm had already passed over me and the rain stopped. The lightning show continued on and I was able to come away with quite a few great shots. I locked my shutter open for 25-30 sec at a time and captured several bursts each time. Here is one of my favorites…


Douglas Falls 2010

A place that I have frequented over the past few years. Looking for a new angle on this little known waterfalls. If it hadn’t been for reading directions to this place in a book, I would have never found it. I took my boys there last weekend so and captured a few new images. If you want a good angle, you almost need to go for a swim. Water was a little cold for that though. This tree must have fallen in the past year. I don’t see it in any of my other shots. Hope you enjoy.