Outer Banks Stars

It has been very clear each night so far while on vacation. I went out the other night to get some night shots. Here is the first of a few showing how clearly you can see the Milky Way on the beach.


Along the drive…

As I said in an earlier post, I went to Ricketts Glen State Park back in early June. Along the drive, I had to stop a few times because the light and scenery was just too good to pass up. I was a little ahead of schedule so I pulled off the road a couple times along the Susquehanna River. The sun was just lighting up the fog as it rolled along the river. Taken with a Singh-Ray LB Color Combo Polarizer.


Independence Day Celebration

I have been looking for the perfect spot to get some fireworks shots in the Baltimore Inner Harbor for years. This year it finally came together. I was able to gain access to a local factory to capture some images of the event. It was really quite a show and I feel lucky to have been able to have access to such an outstanding location. Here is the first of a few that I will post. Cheers and Happy Birthday America!


Time flies

The last few months have been going by so fast I can hardly remember what I have been doing. I made a trip to Rickets Glen State Park in PA, new house work project, a wedding shoot and a long holiday weekend. Here is a shot from Rickets Glen. Still working on these images so I don’t have much to post just yet. Taken with my Singh-Ray LB Color Combo Polarizer.