The Perfect Sunset

I have been chasing the sunset at this location for years. During the trip to the Outer Banks this year, it was no different. I made several attempts during the week I was there. I was able to catch a perfect sunset with the sun setting directly down the middle of this pier which I posted previously. On this particular night, I was side tracked taking pictures on the beach near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. I finally packed up my gear and headed to the location. I was literally running down the pier as the sun seemed to be racing to set. I was able to get on the beach, compose this shot and fire off a few before the sun dipped below the horizon. For the rest of my stay there, other than the one day I captured in the previous post, the sun was always hidden behind clouds prior to setting. Image captured with a Singh-Ray Blue-n-Gold Polarizing Filter.

More from OBX

Hey everyone, too many photos and not enough time to work on them. Here is a quick shot from Cape Hatteras. The Jetty in the background was installed to deflect the incoming surf from the Cape Hatteras lighthouse when it was literally on the beach. The lighthouse has since been moved a good distance inland (not sure how long ago but is has been years). Image captured by taking several 2 second captures and then using Photoshop to blend them together along with Singh Ray Gold-Blue Polarizer for each image.

The Photographers Ephemeris

A few years ago a found a program on-line that is distributed for free by Stephen Trainor of Crookneck Consulting. He came up with a tool to help with the location planning for photographers and he aptly named it The Photographers Ephemeris. This tool has been extremely helpful to me. With the use of google maps and a number of other sources, it allows you to view an area, place a push pin on the map and it will show you the direction in which the sun and moon rise and set from at any given time of the year. Whenever I am going somewhere I consult with the program to figure out where I need to be at sunrise or sunset. While in the Outer Banks, I came across a long dock that goes out close to 1/4 mile over the marsh onto Pamlico Sound. The dock was built along with a rental property in a neighborhood in Avon, N.C. With the use of the software, I saw that the sun sets directly in-line with this dock giving me a unique opportunity. I picked a night, watched the weather and set out for the evening.As you can see, the software works very well. Image captured with a Singh Ray 3 Stop Reverse ND Grad.



Sunset on the sound

A quick shot from some of the work I have captured during my trip. Have plenty of photos to process, just not much time to do so at the moment. Photo shot with my Singh Ray Gold-n-Blue Polarizer. More to come…