Foggy morning in PA

Took an unscheduled trip this weekend to Ricketts Glen State Park in PA. The weather was perfect with a low lying clouds rolling through the area over the weekend. Everything was going well until the skies opened up on us and let out a rainfall that rivaled the recent hurricane. Of course, we didn’t bring any rain gear with us – the chance of rain was only 10%. We survived the event and I came away with some outstanding shots. The rain did prevent me from getting quite a few others but the trip was well worth it nevertheless.
This picture is from the top of the 94′ Ganoga Falls along the trail. Sometimes I like to get into the stream to get a different viewpoint of the falls. Not on this occasion. Didn’t want to chance slipping or having the rush of the water take me on a ride that would put me on the history channel.   I took two exposures to blend together in Photoshop. One for the foreground and one for the trees and foggy sky. Hope you enjoy.