Another sunrise over Baltimore Inner Harbor

Earlier in the month we had some fantastic weather for sunrise shooting. I was able to stop by dockside opposite the Domino Sugar factory. This must have been the end of the harbor where no one else was up early because there wasn’t a soul to be found otherwise. It is always good to take a moment from behind the camera and just watch what unfolds around you. I was really amazed at how incredible the sunrise was. A perfect morning to be out capturing the landscape. Hope you enjoy.


Forest walk – Moravia, NY

Had a recent trip to visit friends in NY, just south of Syracuse. We took a day and went to Filmore Glen State Park. Very nice park with a good size stream and waterfalls. Most of the leaves had changed and were more than half way through falling. I’m sure it is a great area during peak colors. I ended up spending so much time shooting the first falls that I never made it all the way through the rest of the park. I will have to capture the rest on a return trip in the springtime. For the time being, here is a shot of the stream at the crest of the lower falls.