Urbanna Creek

We took a weekend trip for Fathers Day weekend to Bethpage Camp resort in Urbanna, VA. We were celebrating birthdays along with spending some quality time with my wifes family. As the sun was getting close to setting on the second night of our trip, I set out to the north end of the park to the docks along Urbanna Creek. This creek ties into the Tappahanock River, which ties into the Chesapeake Bay.
I spent about two hours on the docks playing with long exposures and waiting for the sun to set and blue hour to begin. It was almost a new moon so there was not going to be any available light photography later in the night. I knew I would only have a brief period of time to use the light from the sun that had set along with catching some stars in the sky that would be getting progressively darker quickly.

We all had a great weekend at the site. Bethpage has some really nice features to include a water park, mini golf course and plenty more. I had a great time experimenting, talking to some of the locals and came away with a few good shots that I hope to market to the park.

Hope you enjoy…

Blue hour, Urbanna Creek. Bethpage Camp Resort, VA © Rob Loughrey


Blue hour, Urbanna Creek. Bethpage Camp Resort, VA © Rob Loughrey


Stars over Urbanna Creek, Bethpage Camp Resort, VA © Rob Loughrey



Stars over Urbanna Creek, Bethpage Camp Resort, VA © Rob Loughrey

Busy month of June

Hello everyone,
So far, the month of June has been packed for me. I have been off on numerous trips to visit places near my home in Maryland. In my last post, I covered a short trip to the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia. Shortly after that, I took a weekend trip to Ricketts Glen State Park in PA, followed by a weekend of camping with my family in Virginia.

The trip to Ricketts Glen was terrific. I came home with a number of good shots to add to my portfolio. I have been working on a technique to capture the essence of the park through panoramic photos. The wider format helps bring you into the scene so that you can appreciate what a great place this park is. I am often amazed at how many people have never heard of this area. To me, it is one of the best places to view waterfalls on the east coast.

Each image was taken with my standby Singh Ray LB color combo filter.

Here are a couple of shots from my trip. I will follow up more later this week with some shots from the Virginia trip.


Murray Reynolds Falls and Kitchen Creek - Ricketts Glen State Park © Rob Loughrey


Harrison Wright Falls - Ricketts Glen State Park, PA © Rob Loughrey

Mountain Sunrise

I visited some close friends to see their son graduate from High School. They live in West Virginia, at the foot hills of some local mountains and the Monogahela National Forest. I decided to get up early and go see the sunrise from Dolly Sods Wilderness at Bear Rock. I arrived at 4:30 am and took a few shots of the night sky as twilight was beginning. I found a good spot along the ridge line and waited for the sun. The view from up on this mountain is amazing. You can see for quite a distance looking east. At night, all of the lights from the little towns scattered around the area are the only sign of civilization. After the sunrise I went to Blackwater Falls State Park and visited some of my favorite waterfalls. Here are a few shots from the trip to the area.

Pre-dawn  - Dolly Sods Wilderness © Rob Loughrey


Daybreak - Dolly Sods Wilderness, WV © Rob Loughrey


West Virginia Sunrise - Dolly Sods Wilderness © Rob Loughrey


Mountain Windmill - Mt. Storm, WV © Rob Loughrey


Elakala Falls along Shays Run - Blackwater Falls State Park, WV © Rob Loughrey