Mt. Storm Lake

On the way back from the trip to WV, we decided to drive through Mt. Storm. The road coming out  is pretty interesting with a 9% grade switchback down the side of the mountain. The lake is used for cooling a 1600 megawatt power station that provides power to the entire region. The water temp is like bathwater most of the time and provides some really interesting circumstances when the air temp drops. We were driving across the bridge at the lake and fog was rolling over the barrier wall like a giant hand reaching out. The combination of the 38 degree air temps and the very warm lake was creating a great deal of  fog across the lake. We pulled off into the boat launch parking lot and spent a bit of time enjoying the scene. I used a Singh Ray 10 stop ND/Polarizer filter to increase my exposure to 25 seconds to make help blur the moving fog.

Mt Storm Lake and Fog - Grant County, WV © Rob Loughrey




Half moon and fog

On one of the crisp nights in WV, we waited for the moon to rise and set off in the park to see what we could find. While driving on the road leading to the golf course, we were greeted with some temperature inversion. A nice bank of fog was rolling across the golf course. The moon was lighting up the fog as it rolled through the trees. I captured a couple that I really liked and also created a good panorama of the area. I also snapped a shot of my brother Brian while he was taking a few pictures.
Moonrise and fog, Canaan Valley State Park, WV © Rob Loughrey


Moonrise and fog pano, Canaan Valley State Park, WV © Rob Loughrey



Stars over Canaan Valley State Park, WV © Rob Loughrey


Capturing the night scene, Canaan Valley State Park, WV © Rob Loughrey

Waterfalls in fall color

I visited some of my frequent haunts while in West Virginia. I like going back to these places because they are such good areas for photography. The light, water levels and color are always different with each visit. It also helped that I had some family with me that had never been to the area. You know how that goes – have to show them the good spots to visit.
Here are  shots of two excellent waterfalls from locations that I love to visit. I especially like the swirling leaves and foam in the first shot.


Elekala Falls along Shays Run, Blackwater Falls State Park, WV          © Rob Loughrey


Fall color at Douglas Falls - Thomas, WV © Rob Loughrey


Douglas Falls - Thomas, WV © Rob Loughrey



Clear skies over West Virginia

I have been quite busy in recent weeks with home, work and play so I haven’t had a great deal of time to post anything. I took two weekend trips at the beginning of the month. The first – to Canaan Valley and Blackwater Falls State Park in WV and the second to Rickets Glen State Park in PA. I did some night shooting, rainy weather shooting and a good deal of hiking on each trip. Had a great time and wanted to share some of the images from the trips. Over the next week or two I will post a few pictures from the places we visited.
To start, on the trip to WV, the first two nights had some amazingly clear skies. That along with the half moon rising late at night made it great for looking at the stars. Out in front of our cabin, we could clearly see the milky way, satellites as they passed over and even a couple of nebula’s. I took a couple of shots with my 50mm f/1.4 lens and was able to get some great detail without tracking the starts for longer exposures.

Here are a few of the shots. In the second shot, the Andromeda Galaxy can be seen on the right edge of the frame just above the tree line. Hope you enjoy…


Milky way over Canann Valley State Park, West Virginia © Rob Loughrey


Starry night & Andromeda Galaxy over Canaan Valley State Park, WV © Rob Loughrey