Fall trip to Rickets Glen

I have a collection of shots that I just recently finished working on from my recent trip to PA. I have been falling behind in processing images and am playing catch up. We made the trip in the 2nd week of October while the leaves were really changing. The weather was a bit too nice for doing photography – no clouds to be seen so it made it difficult to get any workable shots after 10am. The park was really crowded as well. Here are a few from the trip…
Tuscarora Falls - Ricketts Glen State Park, PA © Rob Loughrey


Erie Falls - Ricketts Glen State Park, PA © Rob Loughrey


Erie Falls - Ricketts Glen State Park, PA © Rob Loughrey

Heavy November Frost

Here is another recent shot from around home. We had some really cold nights with heavy frost. The trick in catching this in the right light is to get up and out before the sun hits anything. Once the sunlight sweeps across the area, the frost melts off in a matter of minutes. I usually have to find a heavily shaded area to work it. At times I use a flash to help light the scene. This particular image I did not. Taken with a Singh-Ray LB Color Combo polarizer.
Maple leaf and heavy frost © Rob Loughrey

November sunrise

On my way to work one morning, the clouds were just lighting up as the sun rose. Of course, I would have liked to have been out in the mountains somewhere watching this, but I’ll take it anyway. I pulled over on a local over pass and shot the sun rising over the highway. I used a long exposure for the foreground to make the car headlights blur into streaks of light. Just a few minutes out of the morning – it was too good to pass up this kind of light.
Fall sunrise over Gambrills, MD © Rob Loughrey

Colder weather is here…

Over the last week, we have had some colder weather coming in at night. While I’m not looking forward to a long cold winter, I do like the photo opportunities during the season. Most recently we have had some very cold nights with frost blanketing the area. Leaves are still falling and I’m not cleaning the yard up on purpose. This stuff makes for some great macro photography. Over the next few days, I will post some of the work I have been doing from recent trip to West Virginia as well as images from my back yard. Hope you enjoy…

Maple leaf and frost © Rob Loughrey