Wednesday Panoramic

Picking up right where we left off from yesterday’s post – the sun was really lighting up a small section of the clouds while the fog lifted on the farm. I was looking all around at the clouds moving by and the sky opening up. After I shot the tight image of the barn, I quickly changed to a 24mm tilt shift lens, which I often use for Panoramic’s. I adjust the lens to shift horizontally and line it up for the shot. I usually place my focal point to the left or right using the rule of thirds. I then adjust my exposure and shift the lens horizontally across the scene. After I get the shots, I bring them into Photoshop and merge them into a Panoramic. This process has become so simple in Photoshop it is almost criminal. After I merge the 3 images together, I make my typical post-processing adjustments. Mainly taking care of the image sensor and dust spots, contrast and some saturation adjustments. After a short period – I am able to export the final image. I was pretty lucky to capture this with changing the lens and getting it lined up for a pano with how rapidly the light changed. Hope you enjoy…
Sunrise Panoramic - Naval Academy Dairy Farm, Gambrills, MD © Rob Loughrey

Tuesday inspiration

A quick sunrise shot from one of my favorite haunts, the Naval Academy Dairy Farm. I took this shot on a recent morning on my way into work (big surprise). During a period of the fall and winter the sunrise is happening after I drop off my son at school. Making it very convenient for me to steal 15 minutes of my day grabbing a few exposures. I shot this exposure with my 80-200mm zoom. Then quickly changed lenses to capture  a panoramic exposure of the field, barn and sunrise as well. I will post that image later in the week. Hope you enjoy…
Dairy Farm Sunrise, Gambrills, MD © Rob Loughrey

January Ice Detail

On a recent trip to my parents in PA, we had some really cold temps. I set out during one morning looking for some shallow ponds along the creek that runs through town. Most of what I found was not exactly what I was looking for. I got back to my parents house and noticed some really nice ones right in front of the house. Some of the snow from the previous day had melted into a puddle and then froze again. I took a series of photos in the street and from the sidewalk. Just goes to show that you can find what you are looking for even in the most obvious places.
Ice detail - Bucks County, PA © Rob Loughrey