White Daisies

We also had some White Daisies in the house. These flowers lasted an incredibly long time. I think they looked like they were freshly cut for a good 3 weeks. Needless to say, I spent a good amount of time taking shots of them. Here is one of my favorites showing the underside of the flower. Hope you enjoy…
White Daisy (Asteroideae) © Rob Loughrey

Tulip detail

Having the tulips in the house and letting them bloom slowly let me take the time to get some really great shots of the flower. For this shot, I took my 20mm wide angle and put an extension tube on it, letting me change the closest focusing distance. I was able to get really close to the flower and capture an image as if you were standing on one of the petals. For someone with spring allergies, I had to load up on my claritin while taking pictures of these. No bees or wind to move the pollen, but it was still there and floating away just from the small amount of air moving on my back porch. The interior of the flower is amazing to see in such large detail. Captured with my Nikon D800, Nikon 20mm F/4 lens, 12mm extension tube, Manfrotto tripod and Really Right Stuff ball head, cable release and mirror lock up to ensure I didn’t have any movement. More shots to follow…

Purple Tulip detail © Rob Loughrey


Spring tulips

I purchased a couple vases of tulips at my local wholesale store. They have a pretty neat idea where they have the tulip bulbs in a glass vase, with the bulbs sitting on a plastic stand, keeping them elevated from the bottom. The vase is filled with water only and the bulbs grow and bloom very well. As a matter of fact, these flowers were perfect for photography. I would like to say that I bought them for my awesome wife – but we all know that was only part of the reason. 🙂  In any case, I spent many hours capturing these tulips. the best part being that I had them inside, where the environment was controlled. I did take them outside on occasion to take advantage of the overcast even light. I used my Nikon D800, Tamron 180mm Macro lens, Manfrotto tripod and Really Right Stuff BH-55 ball head. The next series will be some macro shots showing the details. Hope you enjoy…

Spring tulips © Rob Loughrey

Winter is gone…spring to follow

It is hard to believe that this was the weather just a few weeks ago. We had one real “snow storm” at the end of March. The weeks follow brought spring and summer like weather really quickly. As a matter of fact, this scene was entirely gone just a few hours later in the afternoon. The weather turned to rain and all the snow was washed away. This was captured on my way to work, during the “peak” of the storm.
Gambrills blizzard - March 2013 © Rob Loughrey