The wonders of the ocean

While out on the beach, taking start trail photos, I decided to take a walk down to the ocean. After going through the efforts of setting up my gear, my eyes had some time to adjust to the moonless night on the beach. While my camera was busy clicking away doing a time-lapse series, I looked toward the surf and noticed that some of the waves cresting had bio luminescent algae. I decided to take a closer look and was amazed at the sight. At various times, in different areas each time, the surf was glowing with each crashing wave. There was no pattern to the activity. Just an amazing display of light. At times, it was as though my eyes were playing tricks on me. After my time-lapse completed, I brought my camera down to the edge and setup for some long exposures. I took about 20 frames over the next hour, trying to time it when the algae was beginning to glow. I put all of the layers together in one Photoshop file and stacked them to let each glowing layer through. I preferred this method because I was not able to get good shots of the star trails as well with varying the timing of the shot of the water (too many gaps in the stars). Nikon D800, 35mm f/1.2, 20 sec @ f/2, tripod.

Ocean glow - Cape Hatteras National Seashore, NC © Rob Loughrey