Following up from my previous post – a self portrait from a night on the beach in North Carolina this past summer. This was a week with a new moon, so we had several days of very dark skies. After midnight, the town would turn off most of the bright lights which helped reduce the light pollution. It took 10-15 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness, and even then it was still hard to see anything. Even though it was 3 or 4 am, the glow from the approaching sun was still evident to the image sensor.
Atlantic Solitude - Cape Hatteras National Seashore, NC © Rob Loughrey

Seascape Photography

I really enjoy going to the beach before the sun is up. At an hour or more before sunrise, it is usually empty and peaceful. The surf is slowly breaking with the breeze blowing as you stand at the edge of the ocean. It is amazing to think that out in front of you lies endless miles of water. It makes you feel so minimal in the grand scheme of things on our earth. I usually try to check google earth prior to visiting a beach to see if there are any interesting features. Just a sandy beach can be interesting, but I try to find other elements to include as well. Rocks, a pier or jetty – something to give the beach some character.
Jekyll Island State Park is one such beach. There is a stretch of beach on this island that has ancient trees that were once part of the island. As years have passed and the island slowly erodes, the trees have ended up out in the surf during high tide. While the tide is low, you can easily access the beach and walk among these trees. Some of them have been toppled over from hurricanes in recent past, totally uprooted from the ground, but still lining the beach.

For this shot, I arrived 90 min before the sun was up and was able to scout out a few locations. The tide was very low, but starting to come in. Some fishing ships were leaving for the morning, as can be scene on the horizon. I set my white balance to tungsten to give the image a cold feeling.  This is the first of several images I took while on the beach that morning.

Hope you enjoy…

Twilight at Driftwood Beach - Jekyll Island State Park, GA © Rob Loughrey