Springtime trip to Tennessee

Just returned from a trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee. I visited with a fellow photographer Ian, spending 4 days venturing around the park. On the first night of the trip, we drove straight to the top of the mountain to visit Clingmans Dome at sunset. The day before, a storm had rolled through and dumped 6-8″ of snow on top of the mountain. The temperature change between the valley and peak of the mountain was 30+ degrees. Needless to say we were not expecting such a difference. To make it worse, upon arriving at the access road to the dome, we discovered that the access road was closed until April 1st. We were there 2 days early – unlucky for us. We made the best of the circumstances and visited an overlook a little lower than what we were hoping for and adjusted our plans accordingly. The trip was great and we both brought home some great images to share. We are already planning our next trip – perhaps in the fall.
This first shot is from a few days later at Sunrise. The clouds were thick and blocked the sun as it passed over the horizon. We stayed around for about 45 minutes past sunrise and were presented with this view.

Hope you enjoy…

Early morning atop Clingmans Dome - Great Smoky Mountains National Park  © Rob Loughrey