Wednesday inspiration

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to make a quick post and give everyone a little inspiration for the rest of the week. This image is from a recent trip I took to Great Falls, VA with a friend and fellow photographer Bob Clark. As most of you know, I make several trips a year to this location. For me it is a quick getaway and an amazing place to take in the amazing forces of nature. There aren’t any other locations nearby that can rival the mighty Potomac River as it approaches our Nations Capital. Even during spring or early summer, you can get to the park at a reasonable time and get setup prior to sunrise. This coming weekend looks like it would be a great time to visit. Don’t hesitate and get out there early! Hope you enjoy…

Daybreak - Great Falls National Park, VA © Rob Loughrey
Daybreak – Great Falls National Park, VA © Rob Loughrey

Favorite Places…

One of my favorite places to visit nearby is Great Falls National Park, just outside of Washington D.C. It is a stretch of the Potomac river that has some class 4 rapids and great scenery. You can visit the park from either the Maryland side or the Virginia side of the river. I have visited both sides of the park and they each have great views. The Maryland side has quite a long walk from the parking lot to the edge of the river. It is all the same level, walking on a boardwalk the entire length. The Virginia side is a much shorter walk from the parking lot and has a great view as well. Depending on what you are trying to capture in your photograph, will depend on what side of the river you visit. For me the VA side is great at Sunrise. The park doesn’t open until 5:30 am, so getting on location for the sunrise during the summer will make it difficult, since the sunrise is happening around that time. I prefer to go in the fall or spring when I can get there at park opening and get out to a spot to shoot while it is just twilight. If you do this, you will need a flashlight to find your way depending on where you setup. For this shot, I ventured out on some of the rocks North of the visitor viewing area. I will warn you, this is something that will get you fined if the Park Police catch you. Going beyond the signs that warn you of the potential hazards of venturing out onto the rocks is what the fine is for. I was not aware that you can get fined but was given a warning by one of the Park Rangers.  Why? It is to protect us from ourselves. It is extremely dangerous to climb out on the rocks on the rivers edge. If you slip and fall into the river, you will die, no questions. With that said – on this occasion, we had been in a drought for several months and the river was relatively low in comparison to normal times. I was able to get to an area near the edge without risking my life and get a couple of shots as the sun was getting ready to rise over the trees. Nikon D200, 12-24mm lens, Singh Ray LB Color Combo Polarizer. Hope you enjoy…

Potomac River Sunrise - Great Falls National Park, VA © Rob Loughrey

Great Falls in the fog

I have made a few morning visits to Great Falls recently with the heavy fog that we have had last month. Of course – it is about 45 min from my home, so you never really know what you are going to have when you get there. So far the fog has not been as heavy as it was near home, but still very moody.
Here is a quick panoramic shot from a recent trip.


Fog - Great Falls National Park, VA © Rob Loughrey