Death Valley Sunset

While on the way from the salt flats to Badwater Basin, the last light of day was shining on the mountains to the East. I remembered it was near full moon and that it would be rising as the sun set. Typically 2 days before the full moon, the moon is rising well before the sun sets. This gives you an opportunity to get some great shots of the moon rise while there is still enough light on the landscape from the setting sun. As we were driving south, I kept looking east to see if I could spot the moon. At times it was difficult because the mountains were very close and blocking distant view. Then while driving, I saw it cresting over the mountain tops and pulled over for a few shots. The longest telephoto I own is a 200mm at this point, so I used it to snap a few shots along the way. They turned out quite nice with the warm light of the sun against the mountains.

The moon rises over the Black Mountains, Death Valley NP, CA © Rob Loughrey


Moonrise over Black Mountains, Death Valley NP, CA © Rob Loughrey