Wednesday inspiration

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to make a quick post and give everyone a little inspiration for the rest of the week. This image is from a recent trip I took to Great Falls, VA with a friend and fellow photographer Bob Clark. As most of you know, I make several trips a year to this location. For me it is a quick getaway and an amazing place to take in the amazing forces of nature. There aren’t any other locations nearby that can rival the mighty Potomac River as it approaches our Nations Capital. Even during spring or early summer, you can get to the park at a reasonable time and get setup prior to sunrise. This coming weekend looks like it would be a great time to visit. Don’t hesitate and get out there early! Hope you enjoy…

Daybreak - Great Falls National Park, VA © Rob Loughrey
Daybreak – Great Falls National Park, VA © Rob Loughrey

Great Falls in the fog

I have made a few morning visits to Great Falls recently with the heavy fog that we have had last month. Of course – it is about 45 min from my home, so you never really know what you are going to have when you get there. So far the fog has not been as heavy as it was near home, but still very moody.
Here is a quick panoramic shot from a recent trip.


Fog - Great Falls National Park, VA © Rob Loughrey