Busy month of June

Hello everyone,
So far, the month of June has been packed for me. I have been off on numerous trips to visit places near my home in Maryland. In my last post, I covered a short trip to the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia. Shortly after that, I took a weekend trip to Ricketts Glen State Park in PA, followed by a weekend of camping with my family in Virginia.

The trip to Ricketts Glen was terrific. I came home with a number of good shots to add to my portfolio. I have been working on a technique to capture the essence of the park through panoramic photos. The wider format helps bring you into the scene so that you can appreciate what a great place this park is. I am often amazed at how many people have never heard of this area. To me, it is one of the best places to view waterfalls on the east coast.

Each image was taken with my standby Singh Ray LB color combo filter.

Here are a couple of shots from my trip. I will follow up more later this week with some shots from the Virginia trip.


Murray Reynolds Falls and Kitchen Creek - Ricketts Glen State Park © Rob Loughrey


Harrison Wright Falls - Ricketts Glen State Park, PA © Rob Loughrey

Filmore Glen State Park

Another shot from my Fall 2011 trip to Filmore Glen State Park near Moravia, NY. I didn’t even get a chance to see the entire park and make it to the main waterfall during my visit. Mainly because I spent too much time at the first falls. We plan to be back this coming fall to visit our friends, so I will be making another trip to the park again. Taken with my Singh Ray LB Color Combo Filter.

Filmore Glen State Park, Moravia NY

West Virginia Falls

One of my favorite haunts when traveling to WV. Each time I travel to the area of Davis, I visit this falls in the neighboring town of Douglas. It is quite an adventure to get to but always worth it. The falls is about 25-30′ tall and always has a good flow, even when there has been low rainfalls.
This one is taken a bit downstream late this past fall. Taken with a Singh-Ray LB Color Combo Polarizing Filter.

Douglas Falls - Tucker County, WV  © Rob Loughrey

Forest walk – Moravia, NY

Had a recent trip to visit friends in NY, just south of Syracuse. We took a day and went to Filmore Glen State Park. Very nice park with a good size stream and waterfalls. Most of the leaves had changed and were more than half way through falling. I’m sure it is a great area during peak colors. I ended up spending so much time shooting the first falls that I never made it all the way through the rest of the park. I will have to capture the rest on a return trip in the springtime. For the time being, here is a shot of the stream at the crest of the lower falls.